Okay, the title may be a little exaggerated but a girl can dream, right?

The summer in Belgium has begun… and how! We’re the hottest country in Europe at this point! The newest trend, ‘Color blocking’ is making us even happier! Bringing bright colors together in a stylish way has been around for a couple of years already but only now seems to have find its way to the big audiences.

As you may know, IKEA is not afraid to think out of the box. For their latest collection ‘Annorlunda’ five IKEA designers were sent to India and Vietnam to brainstorm on an ethnic, limited edition. The results  are colorful braided furniture and some funky accessories… We’re fans!

In Belgium the collection will be available from the 9th of May (Update – the date has changed into the 2nd of May) at the stores in Anderlecht and Zaventem. Make sure you get there before we do because we just love those colorful chairs and lamps! In the Netherlands also two stores have been selected: Amsterdam and Haarlem.

Also in other European countries this collection will be for sale but we’re still waiting for the exact stores that will carry this collection. We’ll keep you posted!

Update – For the other European countries in which this collection will be available, check your countries IKEAwebsite from the 2nd of May on. 

Hereby special thanks to Oona for the tip!



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