Last Friday Baroness O. was walking around Antwerp and guess what happened… we were in an urgent need of a bathroom and accidentally noticed 2theloo at the ‘stadsfeestzaal’ of Antwerp. We walked into a small colorful store that instantly gave us a happy feeling. We were happy to pay 50 cents to find out more…

We had a hard time picking the right toilet, not because we wanted to find the cleanest one (they were all spotless!) but because all toilets are decorated in different themes. Line couldn’t resist and took the one with a very handsome boy while I chose the one with stiletto heels all over. For the moms out there, a double toilet can save your, and your child’s, day at the same time!

We washed or hands with luxuriously warm water and very good smelling soap. Soft paper towels were there to dry our hands off. We felt clean and comfy and this in a public bathroom! Hurray!

Before we left we checked out there store. We exchanged the entrance ticket we bought for 50 cent to get a 50 cent discount to buy a custom 2theloo bottle of water. Besides drinks 2theloo also had paper underwear available, flies to stick in the toilet bowl, and all kinds of other useful accessories!

And we met Tatiana, a very lovely shopkeeper if you’re asking us!

Next time you’re visiting Antwerp, Amstedam, Amstelveen, Rotterdam or soon Warschau and you’re in a urgent need of a bathroom, you should definitely try 2theloo! They are spreading out all over Europe so you also may have one opening up close to you!



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