I have a confession to make – ever since I was a kid I’ve been hooked on Lego and still today I’m a big fan! My cell phone, protected by a white Lego shell from Smallworksproves it!

Yes, the colorful blocks with which you can build your own mini-version of the Empire State Building, make your own life-size bust of Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johansson to keep you company on lonely nights, or create your own fantasy play world… And now even that fantasy world is expanding in quite an extraordinary way!









LEGO and NASA have been working closely together to build the Lego City Space Shuttle, a space shuttle and takeoff platform that comes as close as possible to the real Space environment. The main purpose is to educate kids (or the kids within us grown ups) on outer space! More kids for astronaut!

But there is even more exciting news! The Lego Space Shuttle is being launched with its big brother for some tests in the atmosphere for what is supposed to be the last trip of the Endeavour Space Shuttle. It should have left mid April already but had some technical issues to deal with. Now it is planned to be launched coming Tuesday, the 10th of May. I bet ya the crew of 6 astronauts won’t get bored up there!

“It’s a small step for NASA but a giant leap for the LEGO Group!” 



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