After being very patient for almost 2 weeks, the deliverymen finally brought me my brand new pair of boots.
I had decided to never buy shoes online again. Last time Line got lucky because the shoes where just a tiny bit to small for me, but perfect for her. I just needed to make 1 exception since these boots aren’t for sale in regular stores.

The reason I want to share my new boots with you is not because we are turning this blog into a fashion blog. No worries Baroness O. is very fashionable but not in that way that we like to show you are outfits on a daily base, no offence to fashion bloggers! I really admire them for looking so fashionable every single day.
I’d like to share the story behind these boots because it’s truly magnificent.

These boots are kilim boots, this means that they are made of vintage kilim rugs. These rugs are produced from the Balkans to Pakistan and mostly used as a decorative or prayer rug. On top of that they are handmade (no childlabour!).







They were first spotted back in the 60’s by very fashionable hippies and rediscovered by a young label based in Amsterdam named Kiboots.

As a designer, I really like it when people get inspired by ancient products and traditions. It has been quite a source of inspiration for me as well, I guess that’s also why I needed to buy a pair.
Besides, they are reusing old carpets to create something new. In a massive consumption world like the one we are living in these days, this is beautiful way of creating even more beautiful things.

P.S: I just wanted to mention one more thing about the young Kiboots label. Because handmade boots take more time to get produced, you need to act fast when the new shipping arrives. A new shipping was suppose to arrive 2 weeks ago but the Kiboots-people decided to play a little game… The new shipping got stolen and the person who was able to find it got a pair of boots for free. A lot of consumers didn’t like to play games after having waited long for the new load to arrive but I wanted to mention that I found it to be a very creative idea. I liked it a lot! So big up to Kiboots! Too bad that the stolen shipping was located in Amsterdam, which made it kind of impossible to win a pair for some international fans as myself.



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