‘Sleep No More’ is a contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by Punchdrunk. The play is directed by the incredibly talented Felix Barrett and Maxine Doyle and produced by Emursive. Designers Felix Barrett, Livi Vaughan and Beatrice Minns did an amazing job. Punchdrunk, a British theater company, started in 2000. They use this form of theater: promenade theater in which the audience is free what to watch and where to go on the scene. If you live in NYC, will travel to NYC or if you feel like you cannot miss out on the most unbelievable theater play of the 21st century, please go experience this play!
I consider it a great honor to give you some insight on one of the most mind blowing, sublime, avant-garde theater plays I have ever seen…
The tragedy takes place in this beautiful Mc Kittrick Hotel from the 1930’s, in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. Wearing a mask and walking through a labyrinth of dark alleys, you enter the mysterious, dark world of the Mc Kittrick Hotel. You’ll find yourself in 6 story warehouse, completely designed in the 1930’s style, where you discover a creepy hospital, a stormy forest, a candy shop, wonderful living and bedrooms, the hotel lobby and restaurant, a smokey jazz bar, and many more other unbelievable rooms. Feel free to open books and drawers, read hand written letters, sneak through the candy shop… You are invited to discover every single detail on the set.
For more images of the hotel, click here. 
Actors run and dance up and down the flights and guide you towards places where the action is going on. You follow them, stand beside them, even hold their hands or have a drink with them if you are lucky. The intensity you experience is mind-blowing… You’ve stepped into the lives of others. Needless to say these people are some of the best actors I’ve ever seen.
Here is a film on some action and scenery:
You, hidden behind the mask, lose yourself in the surrounding and acting. You are part of this play. Without you it wouldn’t be the same. For your friends who joined you for this play, the experience will be completely different. They’ll notice different details, follow other characters, visit different rooms and open other doors. The mystery of the Mc Kittrick Hotel (stories of a hidden 6th floor, secret rooms, finding rings in the hotel, …) makes you want to come back and discover more…
The dancing and acting, the scenery, music and costumes, and you being in the midst of the action, makes this experience unforgettable. Every single, little detail fits. The music carries you away. Forget about limiting the audience by giving them chairs and decorating stages for the actors. In a time where the TV bores most of us and the internet has turned many of us into inpatient instant-information addicts, this play pushes your buttons in all the right ways. It is an inspiring, unforgettable experience you can not miss out on!
For tickets, reservations and more information, visit their website. If you feel like throwing an unforgettable party in 1930s style, you can rent one of the floors.
“Unlike any theatrical experience that you’ve ever had… like wandering through a dream that someone else is having.” – the Boston Herald.


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