Yesterday we attend the launch of the newest IKEA PS collection. The collection inspired by IKEA itself, or more precise, IKEA’s history.
Designers looked into the old catalogues and IKEA archive to fulfill this challenge.

The collection is more innovative and sustainable due to the use of new technologies. They used bamboo, LED, recyclable materials such as a wood-plastic composite, pocket springs instead of foam, etc.

These designs belong to real interiors, or at least that what IKEA had in mind. IKEA PS owners can photograph their new items and upload the to the IKEA website and inspire each other.

The IKEA PS plant carrier is perfect for me, I have a kitty cat that loves to attack low houseplants. With this one the plants are safely up in the air. Perfect!

Line is a big fan of the LED wall lamp. Because of the LED technology it’s very easy to fold the lamp flat against the wall when it’s not in use.

The side table is inspired by old IKEA plant table, which used to be very popular. The side table is available with three different tabletops all with a frame made from bamboo.

According to us this table will be a classic. The fifties inspired table is more ecofriendly due to the top made from bamboo.

Last but not least, the signature chair, at least according to Baroness O.
This chair is made from a wood-plastic composite.

The collection is available in stores as from today!



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