After the graduation shows of the highly qualified Belgian fashion designers to be, one would forget that this small, tiny country also has its very own furniture design education. For the 13th year in a row, the newest generation is presenting their graduation work.

Shown for the first time at the design fair DMY at Tempelhof in Berlin earlier this month, the reactions were very positive. Of course the designers also want to convince the Belgian audience so currently they are on display in the city of Mechelen.

Their work is a good balance between real craftsmanship and more conceptual design. Some have had previous education in the field of architecture, product or interior design while others are excellent carpenters.

Since the ‘I Love Belgium’ team is crazy about ambitious young designers, we’d like to give our readers a sneak peek into the graduation works.

The V-chair by Geert-Jan Gielen is based on the repetition of one single element. The element has been multiplied and rotated to create the chair.

The Wedge Chair by Dimitri Cassiers is part of a collection based on a traditional wedged mortise and tenon joint. The combination of materials, wood and polyethylene, and the traditional way of joining is what makes this design sophisticated and unique.

By using a new, experimental technique named ‘welding wood’, Melissa Pulinx designed a chair, called Mister Wood, entirely made out of wood. Wood welding is a technique that, due to the fast rotation of small pieces of wood, is glued together by the release of  resins.

Rayah Wauters translated different working positions into a dynamic workspace. The piece of furniture, in Dutch named Hoogtewerker, gives you support through highs and lows, improve your concentration and the ability to move around freely.

These designs are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more to discover at the design exposition in the city of Mechelen. Can’t make it to Belgium? Check the entire graduation collection on the portfolio website.

© Baroness O.  for I Love Belgium



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