This weekend Knokke, a city at the Belgian coast, is the place to be. Next to al the famous brands as Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. that are popping incredible amounts of free champagne bottles, the Belgian designers are definitely kicking some ass as well.

For all fashionable and self-loving men there is no reason not to drop by the Villa in Knokke-Heist. The Belgian label Café Costume is presenting ‘tailoring à la plage’. Design your own costume by choosing the cut, fabric, lining and even the pockets and buttons straight from a menu.
Café Costume is a family company where men can have their suites tailored à la carte. We were lucky enough to meet one of the designers/owners of Café Costume – Bruno Van Gils – and this guy also took care of the amazing interior! Don’t you just love those black & white tiles?
To complete your outfit you should drop by The Gentlemens Corner to take care of all necessary gadgets and accessories.
If all the above is not tempting enough, the old-school barber should do the trick. Get pampered with magnificent view on the Belgian sea.

The icing on the cake is the collaboration between Café Costume and Wouters & Hendrix. They designed limited edition cufflinks. The collection consists out of ancient mosaic pieces with a checkerboard pattern in royal blue and pearl white, in onyx black and agate red or green malachite.

Not only this weekend but during the whole summer some Belgian designers are united in the Villa conquering the Belgian coast. In case you can’t make there, check out their website to find a store nearby.

P.S: Ladies, hold on, tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to you!

P.P.S (By Line): No idea why lately all the 20s and 30s music, interiors and fashion fascinates me! Remember my post about the McKittrick Hotel in New York? This room could have been one of the sets of the theater play ‘Sleep no More’. McKittrick had more of a freak level to it though. This lady with cups on her boobs would fit in perfectly!



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