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So here comes a little personal anecdote. Have you ever heard of the ‘Marcel de Bruxelles’?

Anne and I have been fans all along of the “Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles” shirts, actually they are the best ‘wife beaters’ ever… And it didn’t remain with just the 2 of us… we also dragged our boyfriends and baby along for the Marcel-ride. The boys love the softness and the fit of the shirts. When you buy them, the shirts are nicely wrapped up with a whole story board included which answers all of your questions – who is this ‘Marcel’?

When I was pregnant, we nick named the baby ‘Marcelleke’ (little Marcel in Dutch). So it might not be a surprise to you that baby Felix’s first piece of clothing was a ‘Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles’ that he received from his godmother, baroness Anne. Here is a picture!

If you have some time on your hands to read about Marcel , check out the website. Or read about how Marcel came to life in the South of France.



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  1. August 26, 2012

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