So this week turned out to be ‘Marcellekes week’! On our shopping haunt (hurray for the sales!) we bumped into the designer of the brand, the gracious Kaat Blommaert. She and her husband just opened up a  pop up store of ‘le Fabuleux Marcel de Bruxelles’ and we were anxious to discover her new line ‘Année Érotique’.

If I were an ‘ok fan’ of the Marcellekes all reday, I must say I am a huge fan of these very feminine and sexy dresses! The 5 dresses inspired on the 60s make you feel like a real woman! I decided to give in to my shopping addiction and get the blue ‘Madame Negresco’ dress – a great buy since I’ve been wearing it for every possible occasion! And surprise, surprise, I got a very cute scarf on top of it all!

As you could also read in our former post, Kaat told me she used to run a beauty salon where it was all about making you feel beautiful as you are. It’s all about accepting and loving yourself for being the way you are. This philosophy she has taken along for her new adventure – designing the dresses of Année Érotique! Women or dear feminin friends, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, make yourself comfortable on the couch, surf to Année Érotique and listen to what her designs have to tell you…

The black dress is the Mme Negresco dress that I bought! Lucky me!



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