The Olympics 2012 are finally over. Don’t get me wrong – despite not being very athletic myself, I do admire others for their passion, talent and discipline and I could watch the competitions for hours. Besides, the Olympics are also a great reason for designers to get creative…right? Funny gym suits, hair styles, tiny bathing suits, red tight pants,… Some more successfull then others. The logo has already rightfully been made fun of ever since it came around but please, could anyone tell me what’s up with that lettertype? That’s a lot of ugliness right there!

Fast research online teaches me that I’m not alone out there. In fact, many others share my opinion. Journalist and author Simon Garfield even calls it in his book ‘Just my type: a book about fonts’ the worst lettertype ever. You read my mind! Somehow I can’t find who designed it (he/she must be hiding from angry crowds).

Basically the gold medal for ugliest fonts… goes to… 2012 Headline, the font of the Olympics 2012! Congratulations!

For them who are worried about future olympic fonts, relax, the logo of Rio 2016 already looks more promissing! And let’s be honest, could they invent a lettertype that’s even worse? Don’t think so!




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  1. October 2, 2012

    Haha, I totally agree! 🙂

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