Last week my boyfriend and I were exploring Helsinki. We booked the trip a few weeks ago, luckily for us last week, Helsinki Design Week since Helsinki is this years capital of design. For an architect and an interior designer this was just perfect.

We did many great stuff, biking or just walking around and discovering the city, but I did want to share my favorites with you!

KIASMA is Helsinki’s Museum of Contemporary Art. We visited the exhibition Camouflage, All which still runs until the 7th of October. I can highly recommend it especially for a rainy day (apparently we had a lot of those days last week).

TUOMIOKIRKKO is very much a tourist attraction, but the view over the city, on top of those stairs, is breathtaking.

TAIDE HALLI is Helsinki’s art gallery. Currently they are exhibiting the spider web work of Tomás Saraceno. I found the hypothesis and research on how to build the structure of a three-dimensional spider web very interesting. He placed different kinds of spiders in glass boxes to observe how to build their webs. On top of that there are some spiders giving a live demonstration on how they weave their webs. The exhibition runs until the 3th of October.
If you’re visiting the Taide Halli in the evening you should most definitely have dinner at Farang. Farang is a mixture of Asian and Finish food. Their tasting menus make you explore the best of what they have to offer. A very delicious experience if you’re asking me!
Farang and Taide Halli are sharing the same building so sometimes you can smell the coconut milk in the art gallery, so no worries if you forget about this, you’re nose will remind you!

THE FINNISH POP UP STOREis located in the Old Customs Warehouse, which opened up due to the pop-up store. The store promotes Helsinki Design Week, so obviously you can find a great selection of Finnish and Scandinavian design over there. Next to the you can have a coffee in the SIS. deli while trying out the furniture.

CHAPEL OF SILENCE was recently built by K2S architects. It’s located in the city center of Helsinki, All which makes it a great experience to flee from the noises that come with the city. Except for that it’s just beautiful to sit down and watch light fall down on the wooden structure.




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  1. September 22, 2012

    Great post and nice pics! 🙂

  2. October 2, 2012

    Proficiat, Anneke en sister

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