Last Wednesday Line and I were invited to the opening of the brand new Garde-robe Nationale store in Antwerp. Unfortunately Felix decided his mommy should stay home so I had to go on my own.
As a lifestyle blogger it’s quite intimidating to spend a night with all those super fashionable fashion blogger but I survived. No I’m just kidding, I had a great night and met the super nice and very fashionable ladies of Ella & Louise, the Merrymaker, PolienneDorothy Dancing and off course Oona 🙂

Enough about the fashionable bloggers, the actual reason they ‘dropped’ me between those ladies is the new interior of the store designed by Dieter Vander Velpen.
The new Garde-robe Nationale is Dieter’s first project as an independent designer. The store is divided into two spaces, a bright and white part that focuses on the clothes and a warm and darker area to create a more intimate and loungy feeling. A dramatical line visually separates the areas.
Both areas have their own unique display table which consist out of two basic elements can be combined into different combination to keep creating new and different set ups. It’s an easy principle that keeps the store up to date without any major interventions.
The whole interior is dominated by a very strong golden copper detailing.
Congratulations Dieter for this impeccable work with very strong detailing, that’s the way we like it!

If you’re not into all the interior design stuff, which we would find very strange but it might be possible, the store offers a wide variety of lovely brands such as Tim Van Steenbergen, Sandrina FasoliMagdalena, Humanoid and Omsk. And if you’re really lucky you can meet the lovely Nathalie Lechat, the creative brain behind the store and designer of Magdalena.

All picture by Thomas De Bruyne.



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