I know, autumn is banging on my front door for about a week now… But a girl needs her homemade raspberry lemonade every once in a while!
It’s very refreshing in the summer, but I’m totally hooked up with it ever since I found the right recipe to make it so yummy to drink it all year around.
400 ml fresh lemon juice (about 13 lemons)
300 g of raspberries
300 ml of cane sugar syrup
1 l water

1. Squeeze the lemons :
2. Blend the raspberries
3. Add the lemon juice
4. Add the cane sugar syrup
5. Poor the lemon-raspberry-sugar mix trough a fine mesh sieve
6. Add 1l of water
7. Poor the lemonade into a bottle and put them in the refrigerator.

Hint: buy some extra raspberries to decorate the glass!

That’s it! It’s super easy but very delicious, so please do try this at home!



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