Monday night we were invited to IKEA’s very first pop-up workshop located in the heart of Brussels! Little did we know we would be proving our sewing skills to our fellow blogger friends!

With this pop-up workshop IKEA wants to inspire the people in the street by showing them the endless possibilities of textile. The workshop is open for everyone that wants to get inspired, read a book or get creative. Sewing machine, spare textile and all other needed materials are provided and experts at your service.
Don’t be mistaken it’s not an IKEA store located in the city center. On the contrary, you can’t buy anything in the pop-up workshop, you can only get a bunch of inspiration and crafting assistance for free.

If all this isn’t enough, the workshop on the upper floor is reserved for workshops on textiles taught by experts. We had the honor to try out this workshop taught by Claudine Cochez. After a couple of obvious mistakes – hey, no one is perfect! – we managed to leave the workshop with 2 pretty bags!

We certainly go inspired to spice up our homes a little but more by adding some DIY textile projects. Textile is very easy solution to adding some personality to a room. The colors, textures and patterns can easily change the whole atmosphere of the room.
IKEA textiles have been going through a lot of changes the last couple of year. They are more aware of the importance and they are currently working with all kinds of graphic designer to add more styles to the textile collection.

We were really impressed and proud at the same time because whole idea behind this amazing pop-up workshop arose from a collaboration between IKEA Belgium and our beloved Belgium PR agency, Oona.
It’s so nice to see how much creativity a small country as Belgium can produce. Congrats to both!

The IKEA pop-up workshop is open until the 20th of October from Monday to Friday between 11 AM and 6 PM. This Friday the workshop is opened until 10 PM because of Modo Brussels.



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  1. October 14, 2012

    this is awesome!

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