Drawing by JS

The past week fashion took over my agenda. I don’t really know what happened, but some how I found myself attending my front row seat, getting shot by a journalist and talking about fashion with my Belgian blogger colleagues. Crazy right? I thought so too…

Attending fashion events is extremely stressful for a lifestyle blogger. It’s all about picking the right outfit, blending in with the crowd and not blow your fashionable cover!

Here’s how we roll…

1. The Outfit
Probably the most important and stressful job of the day. I would suggest wearing something you feel comfortable in, but sweatpants are not allowed! Well probably they are… But don’t try it, you probably won’t get away with it!
I usually go for black, just to avoid looking like an extremely colorful clown. Black is always stylish, but it might be boring as well. Try to add some accessories to complete the outfit and to avoid the secretary look.

2. Street Style Photography
If a journalist asks you for a picture, act like you’ve done this before and hold still directly. Try to watch your smile, they are not looking for a happy hippo!
These measures prevent you from looking blurry and rather stupid on the picture in case it will travel some social media. My first attempt failed, let’s do better next time!

3. Social Media Stalking
The world of social media is big, yet small whenever it comes to fashionable people. Try to act normal when you’re around people you only virtually know. It’s okay to recognize them and say hi, but avoid strange questions such as ‘Is your cat feeling any better?’ or ‘How was the anniversary dinner with your boyfriend?’ or ‘I like your new hairstyle!’. You’re trying not to look like a stalker.

4. Stop Staring
Sometimes fashionable people are just diving all in, including crazy outfits and men walking on higher stiletto heels than you’ll ever be able to. Some of them might deserve a stare but it’s safer not to, you don’t want the fashionable peeps to get angry.

5. Keep Calm
Whatever you do, be yourself. It’s all about having a good time and getting to know great people!



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  1. November 14, 2012

    hahaha… this is funny and true!!… (been there before!! 😉

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