At 6 AM this morning the buzzing sound of my alarm clock woke me up. While stumbling out of the bed I immediately checked my twitter updates. I feared some massive queueing in front of all H&M warehouses but fortunately Grietje from Second Agenda updated me that there were about 30 people waiting in front of my H&M store. Within 30 minutes I found myself driving to my nearest H&M store. Before 7 AM I received a bracelet to enter the MMM zone in the second group. Mission achieved, or at least that’s what I thought…

At 9 AM the doors opened. All of the people started pushing to fit trough that one open door. Suddenly it hit me, what the hell am I doing here? Within those 10 minutes People started grabbing whatever they could, they grabbed a pair of shoes worth 299 euro without trying them on first. My jaws dropped.

The way Maison Martin Margiela thinks about fashion is very inspiring. The designs are inspired by everyday objects such as a leather gloves, sleeves or a duvet. By creating something completely different with these objects they raise questions about mass consumption. The designs are complex and detailed pieces that demand a lot of knowledge and a high level of tailoring.
By collaborating with H&M, two opposites meet. Although Maison Martin Margiela kind of kept it’s values by re-editing icon pieces of their previous collections, and not redesigning a brand new collection, this marriage still seems to be quite a paradox.

At 9.15 AM the time has come for me to act like a crazy person. I immediately grabbed the beloved shoes I’ve been dreaming about ever since the first campaign images in Elle were published. I took two sizes, just to make sure, and I also grabbed the silver candy clutch.
At 9.18 AM I was the first one from the second group to enter the fitting rooms. The only thing I was thinking was I’m not going to buy these 249 euro shoes if I can’t even try them on.

My whole body was shaking, 10 minutes is not a long time to find the right size, try them on and maybe consider trying on something else.
At 9.22 AM I found the right shoe size and thought it could be nice to just walk around and see the other things MMM by H&M had to offer. I took a look at the clothes but there wasn’t enough time to try them on so I decided it was time for me to leave this nut house.
At 9.24 AM I found myself waiting in line to pay for my new Maison Martin Margiela by H&M acquisitions. This nightmare was over, I felt extremely happy, especially when my bank account approved the transaction.
At 9.30 AM I walked out the H&M store with two big MMM by H&M bags. One with the ankle boots, the other one with the candy clutch, while they could easily fit into one bag. Next to these cardboard bags I also received an extra plastic bag. Yes, a plastic bag like the once we use to put our garbage in, except this plastic bag was empty (no garbage) and the MMM logo was printed on it. I’m guessing this one is going to be a real collectors item…

I’m very grateful for MMM and H&M to make high-end fashion affordable. On the other hand I think the next guest designer must be one hell of a designer, because I don’t think I will ever do this again.




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  1. Melissa #
    November 15, 2012

    Kwil die schoenen en dat tasje!!!

    • Baroness Anne #
      November 15, 2012

      Ik heb ze! 🙂

  2. November 20, 2012

    Hoera voor de schoenen en clutch! (en beetje hoera voor mij dus!) Hihi..
    Mja, moest ik niet wakker geworden zijn om 3u45, was ik er ook maar later hoor.
    You just can’t sleep with MMM on your mind. 😉
    De schoenen passen hier wel, toch hebben ze wel een inloopperiode nodig.

    Enjoy your MMM for H&M


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