Since FOOD is on my mind, this brings me back to this very trendy café I visited on my last trip to Toronto: Café Plenty. A must-go if you ever make it out there! Melissa, the owner, made us our coffee while we stared at the wonderful interior and knibbled on our delicious ‘tarts’.Cafe Plenty

The interior architects are 2×4, a NYC based design studio with a cv so impressive that it made my jaw drop. Don’t you just love the white porcelain tiles mixed with wood? And the floor is gorgeous – white marble! We’ll definitely be back with more 2×4 projects!

Pictures by Cafe Plenty.

Pictures by Cafe Plenty.

Brunch at Cafe PlentyLast Saturday I happened to meet some great bloggers at The Blog Works in Antwerp, a fun day where bloggers united in Antwerp to learn about the ‘business of blogging’. Who knew blogging would turn into an excitening industry one day!

In the afternoon we participated in a photoworkshop where the oh-so talented  Paulina Arcklin taught me a bunch of things about styling (oh, how I wish we would have met earlier- not only for those great little tips, she’s such a sweet girl!) and the also wonderful Martha Majewska about how to take pictures of food… Seriously challenging. And I’m not talking about ice cream…

But how to make foods look yummie on paper? I struggled with a turquois wooden plank, some bread and grapes but that cheese just didn’t want to look attractive at all… So here are some pictures from the food at Cafe Plenty (where the styling was done for me :)!)

Dessert at Cafe Plenty

Delicious 'tarts' at Cafe Plenty

Café Plenty, 250 Dundas Street West Toronto.

Pictures: Line for Baroness O.




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  1. December 18, 2012

    En die komt zo hard op mijn ‘to do’ lijtsje te staan

    • Baroness Line #
      December 18, 2012

      Echt een aanrader! Groetjes aan Melissa!

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