The Acne Store on Dover street on Baroness O.

Last week I lived the London life, I took a class in Shoe Design to explore my love for shoes even more and fell head over heels in love with the city. It was very interesting being part of the city and exploring its hidden secrets. But I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I kept these nice places all to myself.

#01 TO SHOP FOR HER: ACNE Store on Dover Street 
This Acne store is truly one of a kind. It’s architecture is mind blowing. Even if you’re not into the clothes, the beautiful store will be satisfying enough!

The store opened in 2010 and is designed by Gort Scott’s architecture. The original layout of the Georgian townhouse was kept intact and converted into a museum-like retail store across multiple floors. The clothes and accessories are displayed on pedestals and glass cases just like artifacts in a museum. Gort Scott kept the space neutral, however he did implement a number of quirky features, such as the staircase leading to nowhere on the upper floor.

Topman General Store Shoreditch on Baroness O.

#02 TO SHOP FOR HIM: Topman General Store Shoreditch

A charm for all men out there who like beautiful clothes but hate large stores.
Only the prettiest garments from Topman all gathered in one small store in Shoreditch.

Caravan King's Cross on Baroness O.

#03 TO EAT: Caravan King’s Cross

As I told you before, I took a class Shoe Design at Central Saint Martins. The Caravan is located right next to it. They probably serve the best coffee in the neighborhood since they roast them theirselves. I’m saying ‘probably’ because I don’t like coffee, however I can ensure you that they are selling the absolute best hot chocolate milk in London! 🙂
Next to fresh beverages you can also drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner.



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