Breakfast at Hermès on Baroness O.

Before I left to live the London life, I was invited for breakfast at Hermès. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have breakfast at Hermès?
I didn’t only go there for the most amazing and delicious breakfast, but also to discover the new Petit h collection. To be honest it was the first time I heard about this initiative from Hermès and I was truly amazed by the result.
Petit h is all about re-creation, by gathering all leftovers from the Hermès studio new objects come to life. Designers around the world are gathered to re-create something with the leftovers from the Hermès atelier, whether it’s silk or leather.
Off course the supreme quality of Hermès is never really far away. All artifacts were crafted impeccably, which almost makes it to hard to believe the objects are actually made of waste.

We were welcomed into the enchanting and forest-like space behind the Hermès store in Brussels. I must say, I couldn’t have done it any beter myself. I absolutley loved the tree-tables. The perfect setting for beautiful objects and a cosy breakfast.
My favorite piece is by far the silkscarf-colar. The colors, the shape, the simplicity, it’s very me!

Upcycling from its best angle if you’re asking me! As a designer I get goosbumps every time I see another hideous eco friendly design. It’s not okay to design awful things, and it’s surely not okay to label them as eco friendly just so it’s okay for them to be hideous.
Recycling can be extremely pretty, just use your brains designer out there and keep a close eye on Petit h because I feel this is only the beginning of something great.

Want to check it out yourself? Or score a very exclusive and one of a kind christmas gift?
Be quick because the travilling exhibition is currently located on 50 Boulevard de Waterloo until the 24th of December. 



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