Vintage Tomado Shelf on Baroness O.

Somehow I find myself in a hate – love relationship with vintage. I can’t really say that I hate it because vintage is all over my own place. But I like to keep a good balance between new and vintage. Mostly because ‘real’ vintage has become so expensive these days now everyone is trying to fill their homes with as many vintage objects as they can possibly find. I wonder why many desperately hold on to their vintage-addiction.

To be honest with you, my ‘vintage’ obsession cost me 300 euros in total. Half of it for the cabinet next to our front door and the other half for the gymnastic plinth that I use as a coffee table in my living room. All other vintage items used to be my grandparents. They just happened to have good taste and it didn’t cost me anything!

Some people are blindly diving into the vintage trend, filling their homes with nothing but vintage from the dining table chairs, to the clock on the wall, to even the salt and pepper shaker on the table. If you ask them why they do this some say it’s because they believe ‘objects with a history’ bring more ‘character’ to your home.
Excuse me, are you kidding me? is what I mostly think in silence when someone tells me about their so-called vintage obsession. I do understand to some it is fun to dwell around flee markets and find that unique piece you’ve been dreaming about. But to be honest I think the overload of vintage has as much character as the newest IKEA catalogue…

However I’m a big fan of original design classics. You can also call them vintage but I find that quite derogatory for the designer. I love the feeling of those pieces. It breathes the soul and the concept behind its design. Not all old objects do, sorry to burst your bubble.

Extremely hot in the wonderful world of interior design is ‘the new vintage’. Designers inspired by the vintage trend are creating new designed with a vintage based look.

Sting Shel System on Baroness O.

My favorite new vintage is mostly definitely the String shelves,based on the original Tomado shelf system. The colors and the small improvements in the design is what makes this shelves become design classics to be.

Desing Letters by Arne Jacobsen on Baroness O.

Cups based on a typography designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen are also trending. I must admit I use my design letter cup, with the most beautiful letter A, every morning.

By Lassen on Baroness O.

About 50 years ago the Danish architect Mogens Lassen designed the Kubus candlestick, little did he know that 50 years later the candlestick would still be trending. Thanks to his grandson and great-granddaughter these perfect Baushaus functionalistic designs are still sold like hotcakes! Should these be a great addition on to the Baroness O. webshop?

Stendig Calander by RK design on Baroness O.Last but not least and still on top of my wish list must be Stendig Calendar, designed in the sixties by Massimo Vignelli, and ever since in the permanent Design collection of the museum of Modern Art in New York. A classic design that has been republished every year since it came out. If you’d like to get your hands on a copy you have to be fast because these calendars are usually sold out in a jiffy!




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  1. January 25, 2013

    You can still get a 2013 Stendig Calendar from OOCK Green Design in NY: — $35+shipping

    • Baroness Anne #
      January 25, 2013

      Thanks for letting us know Jessica! Unfortunately they don’t ship to Europe 😦 Too bad!

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