I actually didn’t plan on writing some kind of New Years resolutions, but since the ending of 2012 has been quite an adventure for Baroness O. as for Line and myself, I decided to make a brief recaps of thought spooking around my head these last couple of months.
The time is now!

Yes, this actually happened in 2012. I graduated, I’m totally done being the little sis, I’m an interior and furniture designer, it’s official!

Now is the time to do some crazy things is what I thought before we decided to dive into the webshop adventure!

Hmmm, we like the webshop, but we didn’t expect it to demand this much time. Is it actually worth it? Should we continue?

Being the proud owner of a kick ass webshop is rather cool, but my designer conscience starts itching. I love being a designer but sometimes being a designer equals making tough decisions.
I love being a furniture and interior designer but I kind of love designing patterns and shoes as well. It would be great to do just a little bit of everything, but I’m afraid that won’t make me a better designer as a whole.
My heart says “dive into the shoe designing adventure”, while my mind says to itself  “are you insane? Just stick with the interiors!”.

That’s a very good question! I’m curious to find out, but I’m afraid it will involve many bumpy roads but most likely it will also involve many design adventures.
If one things is for sure, it must be that we’ll be keeping you updated on the field of design at all causes!



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