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I bumped into this fun video on most famous architects and their top buildings.



Vintage Tomado Shelf on Baroness O.

Somehow I find myself in a hate – love relationship with vintage. I can’t really say that I hate it because vintage is all over my own place. But I like to keep a good balance between new and vintage. Mostly because ‘real’ vintage has become so expensive these days now everyone is trying to fill their homes with as many vintage objects as they can possibly find. I wonder why many desperately hold on to their vintage-addiction.


Breakfast at Hermès on Baroness O.

Before I left to live the London life, I was invited for breakfast at Hermès. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have breakfast at Hermès?
I didn’t only go there for the most amazing and delicious breakfast, but also to discover the new Petit h collection. To be honest it was the first time I heard about this initiative from Hermès and I was truly amazed by the result.

Baroness O. christmas tree

Baroness O. loves Christmas! We want to share our joy and happiness with all of you by giving away one lovely Christmas present a day, until Friday!

How can you win one of these lovely presents?
Every day around 12 PM we’ll post a present on our Facebook and Twitter page. If you love our objects as much as we do, you’ll have to act quickly and follow the next three steps:
1. Like or follow Baroness O.
2. Like or favorite our post
3. Share or retweet our post
Can it be any easier? We didn’t think so… 🙂
The next day we’ll announce the winner right before we’ll give away another object from our webshop.

Is it really that easy?
Yes, it is! We just want to share the Baroness O.-love and beautiful objects with all of you!

Good luck because the game is on!
Line & Anne

Since FOOD is on my mind, this brings me back to this very trendy café I visited on my last trip to Toronto: Café Plenty. A must-go if you ever make it out there! Melissa, the owner, made us our coffee while we stared at the wonderful interior and knibbled on our delicious ‘tarts’.Cafe Plenty