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Geraldine Georges op Baroness O.Géraldine Georges is a Belgium artist who graduated in 2006 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. I believe she found the perfect balance between graphic design and the world of illustration.



Black & White Trend on Baroness O.


Another interior trend straight from the catwalk: the back to basic black and white look.
Marc Jacobs, Jil  Sander, Louis Vuitton and Céline are all diving all into the black and white trend.
It’s hard to tell which one was actually first, the fashion designers or the interior designers?


Vintage Tomado Shelf on Baroness O.

Somehow I find myself in a hate – love relationship with vintage. I can’t really say that I hate it because vintage is all over my own place. But I like to keep a good balance between new and vintage. Mostly because ‘real’ vintage has become so expensive these days now everyone is trying to fill their homes with as many vintage objects as they can possibly find. I wonder why many desperately hold on to their vintage-addiction.