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We’re really proud to tell you that yesterday night we also launched the new WOLF. by Sofie Claes jewelry collection.
Her new jewelry collection is inspired by nature’s rough compositions and the pure perfection of fool’s gold. So yes, we know it’s hard to believe but it’s all Mother Nature that created these perfect shapes, and off course Sofie helped her a bit by making pieces of jewelery out of them.


I promise this will be the last thing I’ll write about Maison Martin Margiela with H&M, but I just had to share this amazing video.
We wrote about Rosas, led by the Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker on I Love Belgium before, but this time she blew our minds with this stunning choreography at the MMM with H&M launch in New York. The way the dancers move and use their clothes to tell their stories, just stunning!

We hope you love it as much as we do because it’s just brilliant!

P.S: If you watch the video closely you can spot the amazing Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker  in action.

The last weekend of Interieur 12 was even more dedicated to young designers because de Invasie organized an Interieur 12 Battle.
As I told you before VOMO 13 showed of their graduation collection once more.
Except for our little space I must admit that the Villa was definitely the place to be.


Once every two year all design-loving Belgians look forward to Interieur Kortrijk. As a designer myself, I’ve been very much looking forward to this event, not only because they changed the concept a bit, but also because it’s the first time ever I got the chance to display my own work.

Monday night we were invited to IKEA’s very first pop-up workshop located in the heart of Brussels! Little did we know we would be proving our sewing skills to our fellow blogger friends!

With this pop-up workshop IKEA wants to inspire the people in the street by showing them the endless possibilities of textile. The workshop is open for everyone that wants to get inspired, read a book or get creative. Sewing machine, spare textile and all other needed materials are provided and experts at your service.
Don’t be mistaken it’s not an IKEA store located in the city center. On the contrary, you can’t buy anything in the pop-up workshop, you can only get a bunch of inspiration and crafting assistance for free.