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I actually didn’t plan on writing some kind of New Years resolutions, but since the ending of 2012 has been quite an adventure for Baroness O. as for Line and myself, I decided to make a brief recaps of thought spooking around my head these last couple of months.
The time is now!


Drawing by JS

The past week fashion took over my agenda. I don’t really know what happened, but some how I found myself attending my front row seat, getting shot by a journalist and talking about fashion with my Belgian blogger colleagues. Crazy right? I thought so too…

Attending fashion events is extremely stressful for a lifestyle blogger. It’s all about picking the right outfit, blending in with the crowd and not blow your fashionable cover!

Here’s how we roll…

It’s been crazy busy with a teething baby, full time working and a birthday party to host this week so I felt lucky to finally crash on the couch last night and watch a movie. Baby sleeping, boyfriend out for drinks… hurray for some ‘me-time’! And luck was on my side! The movie Easy Virtue was on, in the version of director Stephan Elliott. This movie just blew my mind!