Kenzo Tiger Sweater & RK Design Tiger on Baroness O.


Ever since the Kenzo Tiger sweater started showing up in the fashion scene, the Tiger poster started popping up in the wonderful world of interior design trends. Coincidence? I don’t think so!



Happy New Year dear readers! May 2013 be a year filled with love and creativity!



Brown Leather Lunch Bag

As most of you know by now, to celebrate Christmas the only right way, Baroness O. gave away a bunch of gifts. (Or if you happened to miss it and feel some regrets, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter! There will be more…)

For a whole week, every single day we gave away objects from our shop. The last giveaway was the cherrie on the cake: the amazing Marie Turnor leather picnic bag! Since we asked our readers to be creative in spreading the Baroness O. love, things got a little out of hand!


Cross Blanket on Baroness O.

Wishing you all a warm and Merry Christmas! I hope Rudolph found your tree too this year!

My boyfriend decided to join his family in the US so Felix and I stayed behind to celebrate the Holidays with my family. Not knowing what Santa had in mind for me this year, I was anxious to open my present… Little did I know that good old Santa knew what was on the top of my list: the cross blanket from Pia Wallen!


18.0 Brown Leather Lunch Baglow
Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is the day! It’s not yet Christmas, however we decided to put on our favorite Christmas sweater and show you even more Baroness O. –love!
The past week already gave away 4 Christmas presents from our pop-up web store to spread all the Baroness O. joy and happiness.
But today… we decided to take it one step further and give away…
the one and only Brown Leather Lunch Bag by Marie Turnor! 
Marie Turnor is the one who came up with the idea to transform the brown paper lunch bag into a clutch, so forget about Jill Sander, this one is the REAL Leather Lunch Bag!

How can you win this beloved clutch? Easy, spread the Baroness O.-love!

You can easily do this by following the next three steps:
1. Like or follow Baroness O.
2. Like or favorite our post
3. Share or retweet our post

But remember, we’re creative people so the more creative you get in spreading the Baroness O.-love, the more chance this awesome bag will be yours!

You have until Sunday night to come up with something creative, or just follow the easy 3 steps shown above, before we’ll pick a winner!

No time to lose! The game is ON!!!

Breakfast at Hermès on Baroness O.

Before I left to live the London life, I was invited for breakfast at Hermès. I mean, who wouldn’t like to have breakfast at Hermès?
I didn’t only go there for the most amazing and delicious breakfast, but also to discover the new Petit h collection. To be honest it was the first time I heard about this initiative from Hermès and I was truly amazed by the result.