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I actually didn’t plan on writing some kind of New Years resolutions, but since the ending of 2012 has been quite an adventure for Baroness O. as for Line and myself, I decided to make a brief recaps of thought spooking around my head these last couple of months.
The time is now!


Brown Leather Lunch Bag

As most of you know by now, to celebrate Christmas the only right way, Baroness O. gave away a bunch of gifts. (Or if you happened to miss it and feel some regrets, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter! There will be more…)

For a whole week, every single day we gave away objects from our shop. The last giveaway was the cherrie on the cake: the amazing Marie Turnor leather picnic bag! Since we asked our readers to be creative in spreading the Baroness O. love, things got a little out of hand!


Baroness O. christmas tree

Baroness O. loves Christmas! We want to share our joy and happiness with all of you by giving away one lovely Christmas present a day, until Friday!

How can you win one of these lovely presents?
Every day around 12 PM we’ll post a present on our Facebook and Twitter page. If you love our objects as much as we do, you’ll have to act quickly and follow the next three steps:
1. Like or follow Baroness O.
2. Like or favorite our post
3. Share or retweet our post
Can it be any easier? We didn’t think so… 🙂
The next day we’ll announce the winner right before we’ll give away another object from our webshop.

Is it really that easy?
Yes, it is! We just want to share the Baroness O.-love and beautiful objects with all of you!

Good luck because the game is on!
Line & Anne

collage opening

Pictures by Sam Gilbert & Karel Van Assche

Dear all,

We’ve had a blast this last weekend! Popping-up with our design objects and the very positive feedback we’ve had, also from people we’d least expected it… so many people showed up for the event… It’s been overwhelming and heart warming!

The store owners of Ménage à DeuxRan and Vanessa, are amazing. All our friends and family who’ve helped us during the last couple of weeks… We’re so spoiled to be surrounded by such wonderful friends! And we know it! Thank you!!!

More pictures of the pop-up event you find here.
You can also discover our first 10 objects in our online pop-up webshop!

Line & Anne