Brown Leather Lunch Bag

As most of you know by now, to celebrate Christmas the only right way, Baroness O. gave away a bunch of gifts. (Or if you happened to miss it and feel some regrets, make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter! There will be more…)

For a whole week, every single day we gave away objects from our shop. The last giveaway was the cherrie on the cake: the amazing Marie Turnor leather picnic bag! Since we asked our readers to be creative in spreading the Baroness O. love, things got a little out of hand!

Ann-Sophie decided to ask her friends and family to stalk us with desperate messages. From a concerned friend we heared ‘the world will really end this time if Ann-Sophie doesn’t win this leather paper bag.’ Another friend let us know that ‘this bag was just ideal to stack Ann-Sophie’s lunch’.

If there is one thing this giveway taught us, it must be that bloggers just love giveaways!  They are not afraid of anything or anyone so the took our challenge pretty serious!

Nathalie from the Merrymakers surpised us with a pretty fashionable shortlist of her most wanted items on our webshop.

Tine, ‘Prinses Smeerkaas’,  wrote a nice article about the Baroness O. webshop. Very Sweet and heart warming.

Twitterfollower Absolutely Mrs. K was torn into pieces: I reduce my own chances by retweeting this 1.000 times but everyone needs to see this!  She found some funny pictures of people mis-using the brown paper bag. How versatile can a paper bag be? 

A lunch bag a dag, keeps the doctor away! Grietje Vermoortele from Second Agenda let us know that the bag was on her mind, skiing somewhere in Switserland.

on high heels

Eline Verbeke, from the wonderful fashion blog ‘On high heels you’re closer to the sky’, made us a nice collage: the leather paper bag fits with all of her outfits! Oh yes! We sense some lovin’!

We decided that all these great ideas and the extra effort had to be rewarded. To make things ulta-nervewrecking we went all crazy on thinking about a way to pick our winner. All names of our ‘love spreaders’ were written not once, but twice on the cardboard. If you missed our wonderful experiment to pick a winner, visit this post.

Last but not least we’d like to thank all of you for spreading the Baroness O.-love!
Stay updated because we’ll definitely be planning some more Baroness O.-love action soon!



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